Sunday, 26 March 2017

BMW gets ready for an offensive unprecedented products

Beaten on the number of cars sold in 2016 by Mercedes his rival of always, the mark from Munich BMW has just announced by means of his CEO, Harald Krueger, an unprecedented revival in the automobile world.

In spite of the mark in the star outstripped BMW over the year year 2016, the latter plans to recover in the coming months. So the boss of the builder from Munich has just announced a big revival which will pass concretely by the launch of 40 novelties before coming two years new models but also improved models of which there will be.

MW has already begun this plan with the next arrival of X2 and X2 in the range X. The autonomous driving and the top of the range will also be the priorities of the mark from Munich.

Monday, 20 March 2017

General Motors could withdraw from several markets

After the resale of its mark Opel to the Group PSA, the American manufacturer could again continue its quick sweep of certain automobile segments which are in the red for General Motors, information brought back with the CEO of GM, Mary Barra.

It is the segment of the sedans that is the most aimed after the statement(declaration) of the CEO during a press conference "? There is some more of work that we have to end on the international stage. Our philosophy is that for every country, every market segment must be profitable? ". The latter revealed a diagram showing exactly the North American sedans and some not specified markets were marked in the red. 

Nevertheless General Motors is not going to withdraw from all the overdrawn markets in particular those of South America because GM feeds the hope of return in the green. If it is the case the investments should continue and even to increase in a near future.