Sunday, 26 March 2017

BMW gets ready for an offensive unprecedented products

Beaten on the number of cars sold in 2016 by Mercedes his rival of always, the mark from Munich BMW has just announced by means of his CEO, Harald Krueger, an unprecedented revival in the automobile world.

In spite of the mark in the star outstripped BMW over the year year 2016, the latter plans to recover in the coming months. So the boss of the builder from Munich has just announced a big revival which will pass concretely by the launch of 40 novelties before coming two years new models but also improved models of which there will be.

MW has already begun this plan with the next arrival of X2 and X2 in the range X. The autonomous driving and the top of the range will also be the priorities of the mark from Munich.

Monday, 20 March 2017

General Motors could withdraw from several markets

After the resale of its mark Opel to the Group PSA, the American manufacturer could again continue its quick sweep of certain automobile segments which are in the red for General Motors, information brought back with the CEO of GM, Mary Barra.

It is the segment of the sedans that is the most aimed after the statement(declaration) of the CEO during a press conference "? There is some more of work that we have to end on the international stage. Our philosophy is that for every country, every market segment must be profitable? ". The latter revealed a diagram showing exactly the North American sedans and some not specified markets were marked in the red. 

Nevertheless General Motors is not going to withdraw from all the overdrawn markets in particular those of South America because GM feeds the hope of return in the green. If it is the case the investments should continue and even to increase in a near future.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Automobile top of the range: Mercedes-Benz world leader in front of BMW in 2016

With more than 2 million sold vehicles, the first one(night) for the builder(manufacturer), Mercedes-Benz dislodges BMW of a first place(square) occupied since 2005.

The German builder(manufacturer) Mercedes-Benz asserted on Monday having been in 2016 the " first premium brand in term of sales ", marking its return on the first place(square) of the world podium where from he had been dislodged by his fellow countryman BMW in 2005.

The last year, the mark(brand) in the star saw its sales climbing(soaring) of 11,3 % over one year, exceeding(overtaking) for the first time the symbolic bar(helm) of the 2 million units. " Mercedes-Benz grew so not only faster than his(her) German competitors, but also sold most premium vehicles ", underlines in a communiqué the group Daimler, which makes sedans and SUV Mercedes but also the city-dwellers Smart

40 % of cars sold in Europe

"Since 2013, Mercedes-Benz records a two-digit growth. It is from now on the first premium brand regarding sales", commented Mexican wave Källenius, sales manager of cars of Daimler last year, quoted in the communiqué.

More than four car Mercedes-Benz on ten sold in the world was in Europe. Germany in particular rest a pillar mattering for the mark of Stuttgart (southwest). His sales soared of 7,2 % over one year on this country, in approximately 293.000 units. In China, first outlet of the German manufacturer, sales jumped up of about 27 % in approximately 473.000 units, whereas they moved back (0,8 %) in the United States.

Audi completes the podium

The world sales in 2016 of his(her) biggest rival, the inhabitant of Munich BMW, will be known in the afternoon but figures published for the first eleven months of the year show Mercedes's clear(net) advance in 2016.

Audi (group Volkswagen) should have remained in the third position the last year, with 1,87 million sold cars, that is 3,8 % over one year. The mark(brand) in rings grew only in a way limited in China (3,6 %), his(her) biggest market in front of Germany and the United States.

Volkswagen reaches a historic record: 10,3 million vehicles sold in 2016

The car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) realized a figure of 10,3 million vehicles sold in 2016. It is a historic record for the German mark which should place the German giant at the head of the automobile groups, in front of his main Japanese competitor Toyota, indicates the web site of the French business daily The Echos.

This historic performance intervenes while the group of Wolfsburg is entangled in the affair of "Deiselgate", name of the scandal of special effect of the polluting emissions of its vehicles. On this point, Vokswagen is to settle a fine of about 4 billion dollars to close the investigation opened by the American federal authorities, specifies the same source.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

About 10 million cars sold for the alliance Renault-Nissan in 2016

The alliance Renault-Nissan which got bigger with the acquisition of Mitsubishi saw its sales exploding to reach 9,96 million vehicles for year 2016. A record year which could raise the group on the third world place.

The alliance Renault-Nissan been born in 1999 sold 9? 961? 347 passenger and utilitarian cars in the world in 2016 while the figure was 8 528 887 in 2015. With this rhythm the symbolic bar of 10 millions will be crossed in 2017. 

If Nissan remains the first mark of the group with 5,5 million copies or an increase of 2,5 % the diamond does not have enough to blush because the French builder sold 3,18 million copies or an increase of 13,3 % due to Kwid which meets a big success in India. 

The mark Mitsubishi freshly acquired also participates in it in the size of these figures with 934 000 sold cars. A figure in sharp drop of 13 % owed in particular to the scandals which shook the Japanese firm.

The alliance can even aspire to pick up the first place because the latter is not far from the head of the classification. Indeed, Volkswagen is number one with 10,3 million sales and Toyota is 10.17 million sales.

While waiting for the results of the year 2016 of General Motors, the alliance Renault-Nissan can already raise itself on the third place of this classification while it is already leading on the market of the electric motor car, with a little less than 100 000 sales.

BMW prepares the arrival of the series 6 GT

The German firm prepares the arrival of the serial BMW 6 GT. It is about a series 5 GT with an even more attractive style which undergoes its last tests in the big North. Here is under a camouflage but from which we can draw from it the first conclusions.

Under the camouflage of the next Series 6 GT, we shall note the well enough recognizable forms. In spite of difficulties on the old continent, BMW decided to maintain the model which knows a success on the Chinese market due to its very appreciated passenger compartment.

He is called Already serial 6 GT for his serif longer than that of the new Series 5 to enlarge the internal space. His line seems also better worked and more elegant. 
Highly-rated mechanical, the Series 6 GT will resume probably the same offer as the new series 5.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Toyota will launch Yaris restylée to the show of Geneva

Exceeded by Volkswagen in terms of sales the Japanese firm plans to double of efforts to take his seat back, and this by the launch of the novelties and the restylages. So Toyota reveals us the details of its Yaris Restylée today on 2017 which is planned for the show of Geneva next March.

As most of the makeover, it is about improvements and about updates. Not of bousculement in the design thus except the small elements such as the rear lights which overflow on the tailboard, what "sits" better the automobile visually as well as the license plate which is by-passed by a nervure, which goes on in the shield. A new unpublished color also makes its appearance.

In the cockpit few changes are also operated with a new instrumentation, with two dials between which takes a seat a screen 4,2 thumbs. The drawing of the side ventilators evolves, just like the organization of the multimedia interface.

Highly-rated equipments, Yaris evolves on certain points, so the pack Safety Toyota Safety Sense is from now on of series on all the range. The latter understands the security system precollision with emergency automatic braking, the automatic management of high beams, the alert of crossing of line and the reading of the panels of road marking.

The big novelty on Yaris restylée is situated under the hood or an unpublished work block 1.5 gasoline will replace the former 1.3 of 100 ch. The new engine will develop 111 ch for a couple of 136 Nm with a consumption which falls by 12 %.