Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Automobile top of the range: Mercedes-Benz world leader in front of BMW in 2016

With more than 2 million sold vehicles, the first one(night) for the builder(manufacturer), Mercedes-Benz dislodges BMW of a first place(square) occupied since 2005.

The German builder(manufacturer) Mercedes-Benz asserted on Monday having been in 2016 the " first premium brand in term of sales ", marking its return on the first place(square) of the world podium where from he had been dislodged by his fellow countryman BMW in 2005.

The last year, the mark(brand) in the star saw its sales climbing(soaring) of 11,3 % over one year, exceeding(overtaking) for the first time the symbolic bar(helm) of the 2 million units. " Mercedes-Benz grew so not only faster than his(her) German competitors, but also sold most premium vehicles ", underlines in a communiqué the group Daimler, which makes sedans and SUV Mercedes but also the city-dwellers Smart

40 % of cars sold in Europe

"Since 2013, Mercedes-Benz records a two-digit growth. It is from now on the first premium brand regarding sales", commented Mexican wave Källenius, sales manager of cars of Daimler last year, quoted in the communiqué.

More than four car Mercedes-Benz on ten sold in the world was in Europe. Germany in particular rest a pillar mattering for the mark of Stuttgart (southwest). His sales soared of 7,2 % over one year on this country, in approximately 293.000 units. In China, first outlet of the German manufacturer, sales jumped up of about 27 % in approximately 473.000 units, whereas they moved back (0,8 %) in the United States.

Audi completes the podium

The world sales in 2016 of his(her) biggest rival, the inhabitant of Munich BMW, will be known in the afternoon but figures published for the first eleven months of the year show Mercedes's clear(net) advance in 2016.

Audi (group Volkswagen) should have remained in the third position the last year, with 1,87 million sold cars, that is 3,8 % over one year. The mark(brand) in rings grew only in a way limited in China (3,6 %), his(her) biggest market in front of Germany and the United States.

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