Tuesday, 14 February 2017

About 10 million cars sold for the alliance Renault-Nissan in 2016

The alliance Renault-Nissan which got bigger with the acquisition of Mitsubishi saw its sales exploding to reach 9,96 million vehicles for year 2016. A record year which could raise the group on the third world place.

The alliance Renault-Nissan been born in 1999 sold 9? 961? 347 passenger and utilitarian cars in the world in 2016 while the figure was 8 528 887 in 2015. With this rhythm the symbolic bar of 10 millions will be crossed in 2017. 

If Nissan remains the first mark of the group with 5,5 million copies or an increase of 2,5 % the diamond does not have enough to blush because the French builder sold 3,18 million copies or an increase of 13,3 % due to Kwid which meets a big success in India. 

The mark Mitsubishi freshly acquired also participates in it in the size of these figures with 934 000 sold cars. A figure in sharp drop of 13 % owed in particular to the scandals which shook the Japanese firm.

The alliance can even aspire to pick up the first place because the latter is not far from the head of the classification. Indeed, Volkswagen is number one with 10,3 million sales and Toyota is 10.17 million sales.

While waiting for the results of the year 2016 of General Motors, the alliance Renault-Nissan can already raise itself on the third place of this classification while it is already leading on the market of the electric motor car, with a little less than 100 000 sales.

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